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Pin Bhaba Pass

Pin Bhaba Pass Trek – contact us for best prices– trail which connects Shimla to Manali, Spiti valley in Himachal 

Pin Bhaba Pass is hands down the most dramatic pass crossing trek in our country.

Once at the pass you see Pin valley below you, in various shades of pink, set amidst the stark and deserted mountains of Spiti.  While behind you is the lush green Bhaba valley. That is when you realize how remarkable the changes in the landscape are.

But it is not just on the pass crossing day that you witness this drama. It starts right from day one!

Forests of Mulling are very charming! Straight out of story book. There are coniferous trees. You will be trekking through the dark forests of this Bhaba valley. But it is the forest scenery that strikes you the most. Hear the gushing of the turquoise river cutting through the meadow. The grasslands of Mulling will melt your heart. A Turquoise blue river gushes through the forest on one side.